Residence visa for investors

Non-resident foreigners intending to enter Spanish territory in order to make a significant capital investment may apply for a residence visa for investors, which will be valid for one year.

“Significant capital investment” means any of the following:

(a) An initial investment for an amount equal to or greater than:

  • € 2 million in Spanish government debt securities, or
  • € 1 million in shares in Spanish companies engaged in a real business activity, or
  • € 1 million in investment funds, closed-end mutual funds, venture capital funds and closed-end management companies established in Spain, or
  • € 1 million in cash deposits in Spanish banks.

(b) The acquisition of non-encumbered real estate in Spain for a purchase price of at least € 500,000 per applicant.

(c) A business project to be implemented Spain and is considered as of general interest. “Project of General Interest” means any project which:

  • creates jobs; and/or
  • has a significant socio-economic impact in the geographical area.
  • involves a significant contribution to scientific or technological innovation.

Residence permit for investors

Once you have a residence visa for investors in force (or if it has expired less than 90 calendar days ago), you may apply for a residence permit for investors. In such case, you must prove that the conditions for approval of your earlier visa are still existing (i.e. your investment is still in place for the above said amounts)

If you were already residing  in Spain but without a residence visa for investors (e.g. for family or other reasons),  you must prove the investment under the aforesaid conditions.

The initial residence permit for investors will be valid for 2 years. After that deadline, if you wish to stay more in Spain, you may apply for renewal of your permits for further 5-year periods, provided that you still comply with the aforesaid conditions.

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