13 December, 2016

Wedding Planner

Wedding Design

We work with groom and bride to select the perfect venue in Spain, determine the event design, and cast a talented team of vendors and service providers for your wedding and any related events. From photographers and dancers to sommeliers, we have obtained an in-depth knowledge of the Spanish event industry to help you transform your vision into a dream wedding.

Wedding Planning

Once the vision is set, we manage the details of vendor coordination and timelines to set the stage for a perfect and fascinating event. Based on the unique logistics and requirements of a destination wedding, we also help to arrange accommodations and additional activities to make sure your wedding in Spain is a wonderful experience for you and your guests.

Event Coordination

As your guests begin to land in Spain, your mind may begin to spin over all the little details, but we are here to manage all of these concerns for you! We will be with you behind the scenes on your special day, keeping all suppliers on schedule, supervising the setup of your event, managing the vendors and accompanying your guests so that everything is as efficient and pleasant as you dreamed.

Related Events

In addition to designing and coordinating your main ceremony and reception, we may also organize a welcome dinner and day-after brunch. We can arrange accommodations, excursions and itineraries so that your guests are well looked-after and you can simply relax and enjoy. We save you time, leaving you stress free to enjoy the exciting parts. We put the ‘wow’ factor into your wedding & offer meticulous attention to detail.